Ian Fleming’s suspenseful series of 14 novels about the British fictional spy James Bond (known by his code 007), beginning with Casino Royale in 1953 and ending (upon Fleming’s death) with Octopussy in 1964. Fleming’s work for the British Naval Intelligence provided the background for his spy novels.

Science fiction / fantasy genre from early pioneers of science fiction such as Verne and Wells, to the golden age of science fiction (1930’s through 1950’s) that includes such prominent authors as Heinlein, Bradbury, Asimov, Clarke and others. Many of the enduring sci-fi classics were written during this period.

Children’s books have always been collectible because their delightful tales, often lavishly illustrated, evoke fond childhood memories and are passed along for generations. In the last ten years their appeal has broadened, and great first edition collections should include firsts of classic children’s literature as well.

Other rare fiction includes rare photoplay editions, such as the well-known horror works King Kong, Dracula and Frankenstein. In addition, we carry modern literary classics and historical fiction. Several of the modern classics were later adapted to film, such as Jaws or The Godfather.

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